Multi-station Automatic Curing Press
1.Parts comprehensive internationalization and standardization.
2.Mechanical design of machine durability.
3.Ion-treated high wear-resistant plane.
4.Temperature distribution of ± 3 ℃ high standards.
5.Exhaust gas accuracy of one hundred percent of the demand.
6.Operation stable silence of the oil circuit design.
7.Complete graphic operation manual and maintenance manual.

Machine Features:

1. This model is suitable for two or three layers of mold use, is a variety of functional models.

2. The use of double power, dual oil pump, dual motor, double cooler, two axes completely independent work.

3. Oil system special design, no vibration, good stability, access mode, rise and fall faster than peer machines.

4. With slow mode function, the school model is more accurate and more secure.

5. Accurate positioning of the entry and exit mold, 100% positioning safety design to ensure that the mold is not damaged.

6. lift the mold speed adjustable, accurate and reliable.

7. Suitable for electronic components, medical supplies, daily necessities, auto parts, industrial parts and other product applications.

Machine focus configuration


 Name       Material     Features 
 Body       FCD50ductile  iron             After aging passivation with high tensile strength and toughness.                                                                       
Master cylinder axis                                      CR white cast iron  After grinding is completed, the precision is within plus or minus 0.02mm.
Auxiliary hydraulic cylinder  STKM-13 Using NOK oil seal, wear-resistant long temperature resistance.
 Oil seal  NOK Durability.
 Column  40Cr Medium carbon steel 40Cr hard chrome treatment, the use of oil-free bearings, the inner coating TEFLON film.
 Column nuts  FCD-50 One piece of forming, the use of ladder-type teeth and special anti-loose design, the accuracy of the machine.
 Motor  Taiwan Datong Motor Using rubber flexible coupling direct drive.
 Hot pressing table  50 # The advance and retreat template is nitrided and finished by grinding.

 Heater                       Nickel-chromium alloy wire                                    With the protection device, durability and expertise. (Using multistage design)                                                                                                                                  
 Hydraulic system Tubing: high pressure hose pump: YUKEN
Solenoid valve: Dongfeng oil drum: magnetic filter
Collective oil system design, you can set the spindle cylinder lift speed.
Precision positioning of incoming and outgoing molds.