Rubber Roller Building Machine

The roller winding machine is the core supporting equipment of the rubber roller manufacturer. It is suitable for the papermaking roller, printing and dyeing roller, printing roller, hulling roller, metallurgical roller and mimeographed rubber roller. The labor intensity is low in production and use, High efficiency, yield up to 99%, but also successfully completed the manual, mold can not shape a special roller, easy to understand, save labor and materials. Roller winding machine mainly by the feed extrusion system, motor, reducer, heating and cooling system, air control system, electronic control system, and other major components. Feeding extrusion system is specially designed and manufactured for rubber tape wrapping. It can be extruded with 20 ~ 100 Shore hardness. The viscosity should be suitable. Heating and cooling system is the use of water to do the media, heating with electricity, cooling using industrial refrigeration. Adjust the proper temperature according to the gum and hardness. Air control system must have a fixed air supply, according to different kinds of rubber, different winding method, adjust the appropriate pressure. Electronic control system is set for microcomputer programming, roller winding machine is simple, winding roller surface smooth, fast, high yield, reduce the artificial savings of raw materials. Is essential for modern roller processing equipment.